As hearing loss often occurs gradually, you may not be aware of it straight away. However, early intervention and treatment from a hearing health professional can help to minimize the impact of hearing loss. To ensure you recognize the symptoms, take a look at four signs you have hearing loss now.

You struggle to follow conversations

When people converse, they typically speak at a range of pitches. Women may speak at a higher pitch than men. This can make it difficult to follow conversations when you’re experiencing hearing loss. 

If you find that you’re struggling to take in what people are saying or you can’t follow conversations as you normally would, it’s important to see a hearing specialist. A hearing health provider can assess your hearing function and confirm whether or not you’re experiencing hearing loss. 

Everything sounds muffled

Many people with hearing loss can hear broad sounds but are unable to distinguish between them. If you can hear but things sound muffled or distorted, it’s possible that hearing loss is the cause. Both temporary and permanent hearing loss can cause things to sound muffled, so it’s essential you consult a hearing care provider as quickly as possible. 

Depending on the cause, temporary hearing loss can often be rectified by a hearing health professional, while a hearing specialist can ensure you have access to the right treatment if you’re experiencing permanent hearing loss. 

You have trouble using the telephone

Some people first notice their hearing loss when they have trouble hearing other people on the phone. Similarly, you may think your headphones or earbuds aren’t working very well because you’re struggling to hear the audio. 

Hearing health professionals treat many patients who report trouble using the phone as the first sign of hearing loss. As we rely so much on cell phones, smartphones and tablets, many people become frustrated when they feel unable to use their devices easily. However, there are a range of treatment options that can enhance your hearing function and enable you to use your phone or tablet easily.

Indeed, many tech companies are creating bespoke software and hardware designed to optimize user experience for people with hearing loss. Many smartphones can already be connected directly to a hearing aid, which can enhance your auditory experience when using your device. 

People tell you you’re shouting

As hearing loss often occurs gradually, you may not be the first to notice it. If family members or friends tell you you’re shouting or speaking more loudly than normal, it may be sensible to consult with a hearing health professional. 

Similarly, people may ask you to turn your radio or television down, as they find the volume overwhelming. Again, this can be a sign of a loss of hearing function and can be treated by a hearing specialist. 

Although there are many symptoms of hearing loss, all can be treated by a hearing health professional. With simple, non-invasive tests, your hearing function can be fully assessed and, if necessary, treatment can be prescribed.