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Understanding Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a condition that causes the random perception of sound in one or both ears. Since only the sufferer can hear it, tinnitus forces unneeded distractions in everyday activities. Advanced Hearing of Brighton detects and treats all forms of tinnitus. With over 20 million suffering from the condition, tinnitus is a burden that no one should have to carry. 

Causes of tinnitus

Age-related hearing loss can come with the side effect of tinnitus symptoms. It is often a package deal due to the deterioration of normal hearing functions. This falls into the age group of seniors, with effects worsening for individuals that already have untreated hearing loss.

Tinnitus can also form in professions that have extreme noise exposure. The heavy machinery from industrial work can wreak havoc on hearing after years of sound abuse. Even with proper hearing protection, constant exposure can negatively impact your overall hearing health.

Noise-induced hearing loss is so common that it can happen during normal daily activities. Going to live concerts, working in a studio and swimming are all things that can work as a cause of tinnitus. Treatment needs to be focused, so narrowing down the cause is an important part of the process.

A few serious conditions list tinnitus as one of the many possible side effects. When individuals ignore tinnitus as a warning sign, serious conditions turn into a completely different experience. Tumor related disorders can go from treatable to life-threatening in a matter of weeks.

Tinnitus treatments

When diagnosed properly, tinnitus is treatable. Noise masking machines are portable, discrete and won’t interrupt the other sounds in a room. Some hearing aids come with tinnitus relief features, with styles that make it virtually invisible when worn.

Temporary tinnitus can be resolved quickly if the cause is an earwax blockage. A thorough cleaning is needed and is a lot different than at home cleanings. For serious cases that don’t involve earwax, surgery is a possible treatment option to deal with tinnitus.

Tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT) is the product of several years’ worth of research. With the help of an audiologist, individuals learn to cope with the worst effects of the condition. Since the effects of tinnitus can be mentally and physically draining, TRT is an appropriate treatment plan to retain normal living standards.