Understanding your senses is important if you want to keep them healthy. As with anything in your body, if you look after your senses, they look after you. When you notice your sight is a little fuzzy around the edges, you see your optician get your prescription glasses changed. When you notice your sense of smell has disappeared, you head to the doctor and get some help. So, when your hearing feels different, or you notice that you are turning the sound up on the television to the very highest point, turning to your audiologist for help makes sense.

As with anything, the sooner you address issues with your hearing, the better. You will be able to spend more time understanding your hearing loss and coming up with solutions to make life easier with hearing loss. So, if you feel like your hearing has declined, then heading to an audiologist to confirm it is the best course of action. Here are ten clear signs that you are now dealing with hearing loss.

Telephone calls sound jumbled

You keep turning to volume up on your telephone to hear the person at the other end, but you are unable to turn it up higher and you still cannot hear them. Those who notice hearing loss often notice a lack of being able to hear people on the telephone first. Your telephones only have a limited highest volume on them, so if you notice that you're at the top and you still have trouble hearing, then it's safe to say that you should book an appointment with an audiologist.

Following conversations is harder than before

Social isolation is very common for those who are experiencing hearing loss. If you are finding it hard to hear your friends chatting to you or you are in a crowded space and are dealing with crowds and cannot hear people, it's time to consider whether you have hearing loss.

Everyone tells you the TV is far too loud

As with the telephone, you're turning up the TV to be able to hear your program and movies to hear it. No matter how loud you go, things sound distant and fuzzy and your neighbors are now hearing it through the walls. You shouldn't have to turn the volume up too high to be able to hear the television, and if you can't turn it up any further, you should speak to an audiologist about getting your hearing tested.

You strain to hear conversations and are tired as a result

It can be very exhausting to strain to listen to other people. In fact, hearing loss can be mentally fatiguing as a result, and if a typical day of concentrating hard to listen to other conversations is exhausting you, then it may be time for a hearing loss. It doesn't sound like it would be tiring, but it's hard to concentrate on that level every minute of the day.

Crowded places have become very overwhelming

Before, you used to be able to tune into friends in a restaurant and hear everything they're saying. You could hear people talking to you during a music concert, and now it all sounds as if you're sitting underwater. Those with hearing loss often cannot mask the background noise and cannot separate the voices around you.

Saying "pardon?" every time someone talks

This is a classic sign that you cannot hear what is being said during conversation. Asking others to repeat themselves gets very old, and if you're repeating yourself over and over asking people what they've said, it can feel embarrassing after a while! Speaking to an audiologist, you can confirm whether you have genuine hearing loss or you're daydreaming and not paying attention.

High-frequency ranges of sound are harder to hear

Women and children may be harder for you to hear if you are dealing with hearing loss and if you can't hear them but you can hear the lower, more masculine tones, it may give you the nudge you need to make an appointment with an audiologist.

Social isolation

Lastly, a clear sign you are dealing with hearing loss is being frustrated in conversations to the point that you stop talking to others as much. Communication is key in life, and you need to realize that you may not be annoyed with others, but with the hearing loss, you are dealing with.

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