When you need advice and support with your hearing, your hearing health professional is there for you. They can talk you through everything to do with your internal and external hearing structure, and they can test your hearing for any losses.
The question is when you should see yours? There are a lot of hearing issues that you should look out for and knowing when to ask for help is imperative to your hearing future. There are issues with hearing that should never be ignored, or they are guaranteed to progress. Here are some of the times you should see a hearing health professional quickly:

Your ears are ringing

If you only have intermittent ringing in your ears from time to time, that can be normal. Often it just means that you've had a day where you've been exposed to loud noises. If the same ringing in your ears becomes constant or loud enough to interrupt your life, the best thing that you can do is have a hearing health professional look at your ears and see what's going on. They won't be able to find the source of the noise because it's not external, but they could diagnose tinnitus.

You constantly ask people to repeat themselves

When hearing loss is present sound is muffled or muted, which in turn can make conversation a little difficult. If you are having a difficult time participating in conversations, then you should seek the help of a hearing health professional. 

An excess of wax

Ears are self-cleaning, and wax collects the dirt and debris from the ear canal and moves it to the exterior shell of the ear. Earwax building up can cause hearing problems and, in some cases, discomfort. A hearing specialist can help you properly remove the wax and figure out what caused the impaction in the first place. If you are dealing with earwax now, try to speak to a hearing specialist and get an answer to your problem.

You're getting dizzy

Did you know that your hearing and your balance are linked? Balance disorders cause a dizzy feeling, and you may have heard it described as vertigo. It's connected to the inner ear, and it's worth seeing a hearing specialist while you are to understand your hearing issues. Dizziness isn’t a regular occurrence, and you need to feel comfortable with your hearing if you want to remain upright!
Seeing a hearing health professional is a smart idea if you are ever in doubt about your ability to hear. Take your time and research the best one so that you get the best care.